Star Clippers: Summer 2017 in Bali
| August 17, 2016

In summer 2017, the four-masted Star Clipper ship will be offering Bali itineraries, offering 7-11 night trips which include in-depth exploration of Indonesia visiting Lombok, Komodo and Java. Itineraries will also offer diving trips. Bookings are now open!


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Star Clippers: Climbing the Crow’s Nest
| August 9, 2016

Have no fear, vacations are the time to try something new!  For an adrenaline rush you can climb to the crow’s nest (in a harness and with the assistance of crew) on all our ships. Have you climbed our crow’s nests???


Maria Nygren: Sailing alongside a sister ship, I would say. Although Oscar Nygren probably agrees that climbing the mast is an outstanding experience!

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Star Clippers Introduces Indonesia
| August 3, 2016

Star Clippers is happy to introduce Indonesia itineraries from May-October 2017. Join us as Star Clippers sails to Indonesia for the first time! Indonesia will leave you inspired and in awe with 7, 10 and 11-night itineraries with round-trip sailings from Bali, as well as 14-night sailings from Singapore to Bali and reverse, on our Star Clipper ship. Bookings are now open!



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Star Clippers: Yoga Onboard, Paige Welborn
| July 28, 2016

Are you traveling on the August 6th Star Flyer sailing?  If so, be sure to check out the complimentary yoga classes held daily with master instructor Paige MacKenzie Welborn. We will be offering complimentary yoga, as well as expert guest speakers, on many of our sailings this year and into 2017.

Paige MacKenzie Welborn is a Buti Yoga Master Trainer. Her class style emphasizes flowing intuitive movement and core work. Whatever the medium – yoga, exercise, or meditation – the message is the same: Paige’s mission is to help you transform heart, mind, body and soul. Her holistic approach is designed to ripple out to improve every aspect of your life – from work, to relationships and fulfillment in life.

Paige Seated Square


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Star Clippers: Bali Sailings in 2017
| July 25, 2016

Tall ship sailing specialist Star Clippers will be sailing in Indonesian waters for the first time in 2017, offering a choice of 19 departures between May 6th and October 14th 2017 with sailings of 7, 10, 11 and 14 nights, from Bali and Singapore, including Bali round trips and itineraries from Bali to Singapore and reverse on the Star Clipper. These Indonesian itineraries include complimentary water sports, including snorkeling, kayaking and canoeing off many of the beaches and islands in this exotic part of the world.

The four-masted Star Clipper will voyage under thousands of feet of billowing sails sailing between lush, culturally unique, and exotic port calls and drop anchor close to coconut-white coves that typify Indonesia’s thousands of islands, mirroring a Robinson Crusoe adventure, as the ship calls into tiny jungle-and-sand islands, haloed by crystal clear turquoise sea and white sand beaches.

Indonesia’s towns and villages provide the opportunity for guests to experience the exoticism of Hindi culture, eccentric looking gods, with incense wafting through the balmy air, and colorful sights and scenes with bustling streets and markets.

Highlights of the six new itineraries in Indonesian waters include the opportunity to view Komodo Dragons, the world’s largest living species of lizard that live on Indonesia’s islands, growing to a maximum length of 10ft.

The compact size of the Star Clippers’ vessels enables the ships to sail waters uncharted by most commercial cruise lines. One such example will be the Star Clippers stop in Satonda. Satonda is a natural volcanic island, also a Marine National Park, with towering mountains that shelter a beautiful salt-water lake in the crater, and surrounded by a wealth of coral reefs.

clipper at phuket

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