An Update on Clipper the Dolphin
| August 23, 2012

Special thanks to the Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute team in Sardinia, Italy, for sharing this wonderful update on Clipper the Dolphin. Happy to hear he’s doing well!

Clipper and his mother Rebecca have been sighted occasionally, as part of a bigger group of dolphins. They have been keeping in deeper waters where they have had the possibility to avoid marine traffic. As Clipper is now four years old, he has reached the time in which he is starting to become quite independent. He has even on a few occasions been seen alone in a group with other older male dolphins, socializing and bow riding as he very often does. It just so happens that was the case one of the days in which the BDRI team was observing Clipper. We also spotted a Star Clippers tall ship in the harbor of Golfo Aranci!

During the last few months it has been high season in Sardinia. The BDRI study area is drastically different from the calmer winter and spring season as now various types of vessels are covering the coastline. It seems that this has affected the presence of even the regular dolphins that usually visit the area. The different types of vessels affect the dolphins in different ways, and the animals are more or less habituated to their presence. However, the increased marine traffic also means increased noise pollution in the sea, which changes the underwater environment and can make it harder for the dolphins to communicate acoustically. We wish Clipper all the luck in his new independent life and hope that your tall ship had a nice time visiting Sardinia and Golfo Aranci.

— The Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute BDRI Team

Clipper the Dolphin.

Clipper the Dolphin.

Royal Clipper in the harbor of Golfo Aranci.

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