Porthole Photo from Star Flyer in Tahiti
| October 26, 2012

This photo was taken through the porthole of our cabin on the Star Flyer when it sailed the Tahiti itinerary in 2008. It was taken early in the morning as we passed a motu. Having sailed on all three ships over the years – the Star Clipper and Royal Clipper in the Caribbean, and finally the Star Flyer in Tahiti, I must say for my wife and I, the Tahiti trip was the most exotic. Since we were teenagers watching an old TV show called “Adventures in Paradise” with Gardner McKay, we always dreamed of sailing throughout French Polynesia but never thought it possible. Thanks to Star Clippers and that 2008 itinerary, we were finally able to realize our dream.

May I add that being at a place where there were no continents in any direction for thousands of miles, going up on deck after dinner was spectacular, gazing upon a blazing southern night sky while standing under the Southern Cross watching the Milky Way emerge from one horizon and disappear over the other and counting the shooting stars really put the cap on a magical cruise. – Frank Stefanko

Star Flyer in Tahiti.

Star Flyer in Tahiti.

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