Photo Journal: Visby, Sweden and at Sea
| August 21, 2013

A big thank you to Star Clippers’ guest Paul for sharing fantastic photos from his northern European tour on Star Flyer. In this chapter Paul shares photos from Visby, Sweden. Visby has a colorful history and is one of the best preserved medieval trading centers of northern Europe. Afterward it’s off to sea as Star Flyer sails to its next destination


The local Tourist people met the Star Flyer passengers on the quay and handed each a map of Visby.

It was worth spending a few moments to study. A little bit of pre-cruise study of the attractions in Visby yields dividends. In a way, Visby prepares for Tallinn, both being old cities with historic buildings. The local beer is nice too.

Mary and I felt it was the kind of place we would like to live in.

P1050748 P1050854



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