BJ’s Travel’s: Part 1 Sailaway from Isla Flamenco
| December 17, 2013

BJ and her husband work in the travel industry and are based out of Georgia. The couple recently sailed on Star Flyer, exploring Panama and Costa Rica. BJ shared her experience on her blog BJ’s Travels, and we’ll be publishing excerpts from the journey here. Enjoy!

Passenger’s Log, Star Flyer Date 112413 (Sunday – Embarkation Day) Isla Flamenco

I woke up early to find a parade passing by between the hotel and the ocean. A few minutes later, a bike race went by, and then a helicopter landed on a pad over the ocean. It was a busy Sunday morning in Panama City…

…We made our way to the marina on Isla Flamenco but there were no signs directing us to the ship. We wandered around for a bit until a man with a walkie-talkie directed us to another man with a walkie-talkie who directed us to another man with a walkie-talkie who showed us to the tender that would take us to the Star Flyer.

We were handed a rum punch and directed to the library to check in.


We took a few minutes to look around the ship. We found two nice sized swimming pools and a massage room. We had to hurry back to our cabin to get our life jackets for the lifeboat drill. The crew is very serious about the drill!
After the drill we went to the dining room for dinner. We sat with two other couples and a single guy. One of the couples was starting their 3rd week aboard the ship, having started in Barbados. They gave us an idea of what to expect. There were more than 20 people who were on their third week aboard the Flyer!

For dinner, I started with the seafood chowder and Tony, the Mac and cheese. For our second course, we had watermelon sorbet, followed by the entree (flounder for me and vegetable curry for Tony). Dessert was strawberry ice cream for Tony and chocolate mousse for me.

The ship pulled up anchor at 10pm. We went up top to watch them hoist the sails then it was off to bed for our first night onboard.

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