BJ’s Travel’s Part 7: BBQ in Tortuga and Farewell
| January 20, 2014

BJ and her husband work in the travel industry and are based out of Georgia. The couple recently sailed on Star Flyer, exploring Panama and Costa Rica. BJ shared her experience on her blog BJ’s Travels, and we’ll be publishing excerpts from the journey here. Enjoy!


Passenger’s Log, Star Flyer Date 113013 (Saturday) Tortuga

We boarded a tender at 10AM for the beach on Tortuga. There were lots of rental chairs set up and a tent with a lot of tables…

We took the kayak out and scoped the area to see if there was a good place to snorkel, but didn’t see anything that looked promising. The ships crew set up a great beach BBQ and Tamas the piano player played the accordion while we ate.


After lunch, we headed back to the ship and found a shady spot for an afternoon nap. After our shower, we took turns packing and then played a couple of games of casino in the piano bar.

We had a cocktail party on the back deck followed by dinner with a few of our new friends. The crew paraded through the dining room with flags and sang ‘We are the world’.

tortuga 3

We exchanged contact information with some of the passengers and then retired to our cabin.

Passenger’s Log, Star Flyer Date 120113 (Sunday – Disembarkation Day) Puerta Caldera 

We woke up early so we could finish packing and get breakfast before disembarking. We closed our account on the ship and were the first ones on the tender to shore.


We were pleased to see our driver from Odyssey tours holding a sign with our name. We had a large van all to ourselves!
Our driver was quite informative about Costa Rica during the drive. We were off of the boat at 8:15AM and at the airport at 9:30AM… 

…We were happy to be home. Little Lucy, our Chihuahua, was beside herself and even Lola, our aloof cat, seemed glad to see us. Now we start the cruise diet. 🙁

Conclusion?  We would enthusiastically recommend a sailing trip on Star Clippers.

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