Having a ‘Double Wow’ Vacation on Royal Clipper
| February 11, 2014

Guests Ed and Nancy are on Royal Clipper, and as you can read they are having the time of their lives. Thanks to them for sharing their thoughts and photos!


It is just incredible, this trip … one has to be here to fully understand this unique experience. We’re sitting in the newly opened Nutmegs in Grenada, a place we’ve been coming to every time we’ve been here except they had closed last year. A beautiful day, no rain, sunny, almost hot and we’re being treated with a steel drum concert on board tonight before sail away at midnight. The food is beyond over the top, the crew are beyond exceptional, the beds are very comfortable, and the wind in the sails lulls us to sleep at night. We’re meeting many guests, mostly English, however, they are from all over the world. It is beautiful and casual at the same time.

Our group is now well known (in two short days) and we are having such a great time. Sail away is magnificent … it is magical … and when we left Barbados, the guests on a cruise ship in port were hanging off the rails waving and taking pictures as we left port. And the music … oh, the music … we were enchanted! We wish that all of you could be on board with us … and today as we got into the tender, all these rafts were tied together floating off the marina deck of the boat for those who wanted to enjoy. More like the catamaran than a cruise ship! BUT WE ARE GUESTS TREATED ROYALLY!

Beautiful ship, beautiful people, double wow … what more can I say.



Lunch at Barbados with Karen, Gloria, Mike, Bob, Dick and Nan.

Lunch at Barbados with Karen, Gloria, Mike, Bob, Dick and Nan.



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