Star Clippers: By the Numbers
| March 14, 2014

Today is March 13, 2014, or 3.14, also known as Pi Day! It also happens to be Albert Einstein’s birthday. So in honor of the never-ending mathematical constant that we all remember from geometry and the genius physicist here we’ll break down the Star Clippers fleet by the numbers.


Royal Clipper:

Tonnage:5,000 RoyalClipperplan
Length:439 feet
Beam:54 feet
Draft:18.5 feet
Sail Area:56,000 Square feet
Mast Height:197 feet
Total Staff:106
Passenger Capacity:227
Masts:5 Masts, 42 Sails


Star Clipper & Star Flyer:

Length:360 feet
Beam:50 feet
Draft: 18.5 feet
Sail Area:36,000 Square feet
Mast Height:226 feet
Total Staff:72
Passenger Capacity:170
Masts:4 Masts, 16 Sails

While our ships are tall (the tallest in the world, in fact) they are small in size compared to the industry average. What do you see as the advantages of sailing the small-tall ships? Let us know in the comments below!

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