Star Clippers 2015 Resolutions
| December 31, 2014


As we sail into the new year, Star Clippers decided to propose a few resolutions.

In 2015 we resolve …

… to explore!
Heading into off the beaten path ports like the Balearic Islands and small ports in the Caribbean, going ashore for adventures in biking, snorkeling and culture, and always chasing the horizon are all things we look to do in 2015.

… to be brave!
Whether it’s climbing the mast, getting up on waterskis or taking a running jump into the middle of the ocean — we’re going to do it all in 2015! Mimi Mary Skinner Auchter said,

“I plan to climb to the Crows Nest and assist with the winches for the sails.”

… to connect with friends, new and old!
Guests become family onboard Star Clippers. In 2015 the crew and guests look forward to welcoming back old friends and greeting new friends alike! Guest Jackie Reay said,

“My resolution is to return soon to see all my friends onboard! Miss you all!”

… to love the earth we travel!
Sailing has a much lower environmental impact than other forms of travel, and
Star Clippers are always looking to continue reducing the carbon footprint.

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  1. Gina Ore Said,

    January 1, 2015 @ 10:48 am

    We love starclippers….

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