Star Clippers Introduces Indonesia
| August 3, 2016

Star Clippers is happy to introduce Indonesia itineraries from May-October 2017. Join us as Star Clippers sails to Indonesia for the first time! Indonesia will leave you inspired and in awe with 7, 10 and 11-night itineraries with round-trip sailings from Bali, as well as 14-night sailings from Singapore to Bali and reverse, on our Star Clipper ship. Bookings are now open!



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  1. Derek Langstaff Said,

    August 3, 2016 @ 11:05 pm

    Anyone with a passion for or even a remote interest connected to anything nautical and slightest inkling to try sailing who aim to start their “tallship addiction” at the highest level (note landlubbers who do in future become salt water addicts… heed this warning) Those who appreciate some inside information… (three words)…”Star Clippers Cruises.” To the been everywhere, done everthing enjoyed nothing globetrotters who are still seeking that so far as yet undiscovered elusive dream holiday adventure…(watch my lips because I’m only going to whisper it once) “Star Clipper Cruises”. Novice first-time cruisers or even newly converted seasoned year-in-year-out repeat patrons of capsized tower-block-like metal monstrosities unaware of existing alternatives to standing in line for mass produced airline standard buffet style meals alongside passenger numbers equal to populations of small towns will surely consider every minute aboard Star Clipper vessels as lasting life-long memorable moments. UK/GMT 03:50

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