Star Clippers: Enjoyment for the Entire Family
| June 16, 2017

Among the hottest trends in travel these days is multigenerational trips. Traveling around the world with parents, siblings, kids, grandkids, and assorted family members can be an enriching assortment of shared experiences. What better way to experience the world then on a small luxury sailing ship? Tall ship sailing specialist, Star Clippers is happy to welcome the entire family aboard their ships.

On Star Clippers ships guests of all ages will find their happy place aboard. There are no rigid schedule and no overwhelming sense that there’s not enough time. Families can fill their day with activities or nothing at all. The Captain’s daily briefing on deck is wonderfully informative and a chance to hear some great story telling from our enthusiastic leaders. And there are events and activities for the whole family, such as knot tying, navigation classes, athletics, lounging on the net, and climbing the mast.

The almost all-inclusive nature of a Star Clippers cruise makes it convenient for families to budget for lodging, meals and entertainment. The vessels provide an environment similar to a private yacht, while offering an adventurous, educational holiday for the whole family.

Star Clippers’ fleet of three sailing ships provides the thrill of sailing on an authentic tall ship, an extensive water-sports program and exotic destinations that the largest ships can’t reach, with the cross-generation appeal. The ships’ smaller size — either 170 or 227 passengers — means families can have an intimate vacation experience without long lines and large crowds.

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