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Cruise Critic Names Star Clippers Among the Best Small Ship Cruise Lines
| April 10, 2015

In an article for Cruise Critic travel writer Elissa Garay named Star Clippers among the best small ship cruise lines in the business! Read on for an excerpt or click here to read the whole story. If you long for the open ocean but bristle at the thought of all-night discos, thousand-seat dining rooms or […]

’50 Shades of Blue’ Postcard from Aruba
| April 9, 2015

Instagrammer @goddessonahighway recently shared this photo of Royal Clipper in the Caribbean with the caption “50 shades of blue.” It’s remarkable to see the size of Royal Clipper, Star Clippers’ five-masted flagship, in comparison to the sailboat riding alongside.

Words of Wisdom
| April 8, 2015
Port Spotlight: Pompeii, Italy
| April 6, 2015

Situated near Naples, Italy, Pompeii is a legendary destination with one of the most fascinatingly preserved histories in the world. Ancient Pompeii was a prosperous provincial center with an estimated population of 20,000. An earthquake destroyed much of the town in 63 AD. Rebuilding was still in process when the volcano erupted again 16 years […]

| April 3, 2015

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