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In Honor of Thanksgiving…
| November 28, 2013

It’s the Thanksgiving holiday here in the U.S., so the Star Clippers Blog team is slowing down today and tomorrow. On Monday, we’ll resume our full publishing schedule. For those who celebrate, enjoy the holiday!

It’s National Grouch Day!
| October 15, 2013

The folks at Sesame Street declared Oct. 15 as National Grouch Day. We bet Oscar was so grumpy because he never got to feel the wind in his hair, climb a mast or lay in a bowsprit net! What makes you un-grouchy on your Star Clippers sailing?

Happy Labor Day!
| September 2, 2013

Today is Labor Day in the United States, and all the banks, government offices and most businesses are closed for the national holiday. Your blog team is taking a well-deserved break today as well, but we’ll be back tomorrow with more Star Clippers content.

Time to Raise the Sails
| August 12, 2013

There are so many components to making our beautiful sailings ships work. Guests who wish to participate can help hoist the sails, and those who want to simply watch can do so as well. Thanks to Ana Ferrer who snapped this photo on her Royal Clipper ocean crossing.

Royal Clipper off the Coast of Italy
| August 9, 2013

Thanks to Marie Geday who shared a lovely photo of Royal Clipper taken on her Rome to Venice sailing.