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Star Clippers: Complimentary Yoga
| April 5, 2017

Will you be sailing with us this weekend from Phuket? If so check out the complimentary yoga onboard with Allaya Cooks-Campbell. Allaya Cooks-Campbell specializes in Vinyasa yoga, which combines an athletic practice with the breath to create flow. All levels, including beginners, are welcome!  

Star Clippers: Ship Profiles, Star Clipper ad Star Flyer
| April 3, 2017

They are the stars of the sea. Intimate twin sister ships that embrace the authentic spirit of sailing. Star Clipper & Star Flyer are as fleet as the wind and as graceful as swans. Star Clipper and Star Flyer are true Clipper Ships reflecting their proud heritage in every inch of their polished brass and […]

Star Clippers: Ship Profile, the Royal Clipper
| March 29, 2017

ROYAL CLIPPER Inspired by the legendary tall ship Preussen, Royal Clipper has the proud distinction of being the largest and only five-masted full-rigged sailing ship built since her predecessor was launched at the beginning of the 20th century. With her complement of 42 sails, Royal Clipper is a splendid sight to behold. You might think […]

Star Clippers: Honeymooners
| March 28, 2017

Honeymoon couple alert! Did you know that honeymoon couples receive a complimentary bottle of champagne, plate of sweets, a special gift, and a certificate signed by the Captain? Honeymooners just need proof they were married within three months of their sailing.  

Star Clippers: Panama Canal
| March 20, 2017

The Panama Canal is still considered an amazing feat of engineering. With a breathtaking backdrop and tropical climate, transiting the lakes and locks of the 51-mile Panama Canal aboard the Star Flyer is an adventure unlike anything you’ve ever experienced and a sight that only a select few in the world have witnessed.  The Star […]