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Star Clippers: Climbing the Mast
| January 8, 2016

One of the unique activities aboard a Star Clippers tall ship is the chance to climb the mast. Guests are harnessed in and climb up a rope ladder to the Crow’s Nest. A great view is in store for all who make the climb. Share your images with us at  

Star Clippers: Climbing the Mast
| August 13, 2015

One of the unique experiences of traveling on a Star Clippers ship, climbing the mast, with the help of the sport’s department, and experiencing unbelievable panoramic views! Here are some of our favorite images that you shared with us!  

Star Clippers: From the Crow’s Net
| August 4, 2015

Thanks for sharing your pictures of lounging in the bowsprit net. Here are some of our favorites!               

Star Clippers: From the Crow’s Nest
| July 20, 2015

Thanks for sharing this great picture June Hudson, from your trip on the Star Clipper last week. June’s husband climbing the mast on his 60th birthday! We love to see, and share your pictures, send them our way.  

Getting a Crow’s Eye View of Sails and Sky on a Climb Up Star Flyer’s Mast
| February 22, 2013

Special thanks to Travel Writer Wallace Immen for this wonderful article recounting his climb up to Star Flyer’s Crow’s Nest for an amazing 360 degree view of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Costa Rica! Enjoy! Don’t look down! The crowd on deck was ribbing me as I hung precariously from a rope ladder […]