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Star Clippers: Our Favorite Photos!
| August 24, 2015

Thanks for sharing this great photo Irene Lafunente Munar from your Greek Island cruise last week. We love to see and post your memories, send all videos and images to  

Star Clippers: Our Favorite Photos!
| August 17, 2015

Thanks for sharing Wendy Houghton! A picture from her trip in June from Athens to Istanbul.

Star Clippers: Climbing the Mast
| August 13, 2015

One of the unique experiences of traveling on a Star Clippers ship, climbing the mast, with the help of the sport’s department, and experiencing unbelievable panoramic views! Here are some of our favorite images that you shared with us!  

| April 3, 2015

TGIF! Cheers to the weekend. Are you sailing with us this weekend, next weekend, or sometime down the line? Join the discussion on Facebook or Twitter! We hope to hear from you soon.

Postcard from Jost Van Dyke
| March 26, 2015

Thanks to travel photographer Diane Persephone for sharing this fabulous photo of Star Clipper on Instagram. “Tall Ships!…just too hard to resist! Spotted while high above Jost Van Dyke, B.V.I. #starclippers.” – @diane_persephone