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Star Clippers: Guest Speaker Through the Panama Canal
| November 21, 2016

Join Randy Shuman, an Ocean and Marine Scientist, through the Panama Canal next winter! As a Marine Expert, Randy Shuman illustrates the origin and history of the oceans, particularly volcanic islands and trenches of the southwest Pacific. Randy also gives audiences an in-depth look at the building of the Panama Canal, its history, waterway and […]

An Update on Clipper the Dolphin
| August 23, 2012

Special thanks to the Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute team in Sardinia, Italy, for sharing this wonderful update on Clipper the Dolphin. Happy to hear he’s doing well! Clipper and his mother Rebecca have been sighted occasionally, as part of a bigger group of dolphins. They have been keeping in deeper waters where they have had […]

Clipper the Dolphin Update
| March 30, 2012

Looks like Clipper, our adopted dolphin, is doing well. Check out this recent article about him:

Meet Star Clippers’ New Marine Biologist
| December 13, 2011

Star Clippers fans! Meet our new Marine Biologist Laura Del Rio Torres. Laura is a native of Spain and is a graduate of universities in both Barcelona and New Jersey. In addition to being a former national champion swimmer and professionally trained dancer, she also is fluent in three languages — Catalan, Spanish and English. […]

Postcards from a Royal Clipper Sailing
| July 15, 2011

From our last cruise on the Royal Clipper June – July 2011. Fantastic! — Sue Parham