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Top 10 Unique Experiences on a Star Clippers Cruise
| December 16, 2014

Relaxing on a sun lounger under a mass of billowing sails is a big draw while cruising with Star Clippers. In addition to taking time to simply watching the world sail by, there are multiple opportunities on each voyage to enhance the experience — from learning a new skill to becoming immersed in some of […]

Royal Clipper Atrium
| July 31, 2014

Royal Clipper glows royal blue! The pool dips down into the atrium creating a unique aesthetic and glow inside. These photos by Travel Agent Jim Bottoms offer a great view of the cozy public areas.

The Royal Marina
| July 11, 2014

Thanks to travel agent James Bottoms for providing the photos in this post. Watersports are an integral part of the Star Clippers experience but how do guests access the water from the deck so high? No need to walk the plank — Royal Clipper’s got a built-in marina! The marina drops from the stern of […]

The Day of the Seafarer
| June 25, 2014

Today the International Maritime Organization celebrates the 4th annual Day of the Seafarer, held each year on June 25. The purpose of the campaign is to show appreciation to the hardworking men and women who work at sea, often for months at a time. At Star Clippers this extends from the dining room attendants to […]

Take a Bow
| June 13, 2014

Thanks to James W. Bottoms of Vest Connection Travel Inc. in Maryland for the photos in this post. The bowsprit net is one of the elements that sets Star Clippers apart from traditional cruise lines. Guests love the freedom of sailing along suspended 30 feet above the sea. The views are incredible — you may […]