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Happy Earth Day!
| April 22, 2015

On this Earth Day we celebrate clean, green travel! Star Clippers’ major source of energy — wind propulsion— is both abundant and emission free! Operating the world’s largest and tallest sailing vessels, Star Clippers sails under wind power whenever possible. This enables guests to experience a true tall ship sailing experience and the line to […]

Words of Wisdom
| March 11, 2015
Top 10 Sailing Superstitions in Honor of Friday the 13th
| February 13, 2015

Star Clippers evokes the golden age of sailing, a time hundreds of years ago when the seas teemed with tall ships and clippers traveled the seven seas carrying cargo along trade routes. Sailors developed some pretty interesting superstitions in that time, with some even dating back to the ancient days of sailing. In honor of […]

Know Your Knots!
| October 24, 2013

Guests often remark on the impressive skills of the Star Clippers crew. These guys are true sailors! Let’s take a look at one of the first steps towards becoming a professional sailor — knots! . Sailors know their knots. There are two general types you should know: bend and hitch. A bend is a knot […]

What is a Sextant?
| February 23, 2011

During a recent cruise, Captain Müller-Cyran showed some guests how to use a sextant. A sextant is an instrument used to measure the angle between any two visible objects. Its primary use is to determine the angle between a celestial object and the horizon which is known as the altitude. Making this measurement is known […]